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Friday, March 21, 2008

Professional Plone Development

This book teaches Plone development best practices, focusing on Plone
3.0. It covers setting up a

development environment, customizing Plone's look and feel, creating new
content types and

forms, connecting to external databases, managing users and groups
intelligently, configuring a

production-ready server, LDAP authentication, and caching. Aimed at
developers wanting to

leverage the proven user interface and flexible infrastructure of this
open-source Content

Management System, it takes a pragmatic approach, building a realistic
example application

whose code is included with the book. Built on the Zope application
server and written in Python,

Plone makes it easy for content authors to create and edit web content,
and is also used by

developers as a framework to build content-centric web applications like
dynamic websites and

intranets. Readers need familiarity with Python and basic web
technologies such as HTML and

CSS, and would also benefit from prior Zope/ Plone experience.



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