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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Winzip 11

Hurray!!! Winzip 11 is out with very good feature in it.

Now, in the latest version Winzip 11 it has the following awesome features:

* Burn files to CD or DVD.
* FTP Upload zip files.
* Winzip job creator.
* E-mail completed zip file job.
* Viewing of full size of the compressed image directly from Winzip.
* Pre-defined data backup jobs.
* Automating zipping tasks.
* Schedule zip jobs.
* command line support for Pro edition.
* Explorer style view.
* Improved compression for WAV files.
* Extract BZ2 and RAR files.
* 128 - 256 bit AES Encryption.
* Split zip file & create self-extractor archives.

Wow!!! really Winzip 11 team had done well this time and we can still see their hardwork from the feature set.

Windows Vista Installation

A lot of people are struggling in the installation part of Windows.

Checkout Windows Re-install for a detailed information.

This Web site rocks in its variety of installations that are available with their screenshots.

Home users who have an older version and need to upgrade your computer to the latest version, can take a look at this Windows Re-install and upgrade the computer with ease.

We can also get an idea about how the latest release of Windows installation will be from this site.

It includes the following latest installations too:

Vista - General

Vista Business

Vista Enterprise

Vista Home Premium

Vista Ultimate

Vista Home Basic

Complete your work easier with the screenshots available in this site.

Know your Computer

Eager to know what hardware components are available in your computer???

Here is a good utility called Aida32, which makes the work easier and effective.

This works on Win32 platforms and gets information of all the components that are in our computer like Motherboard with its manufacturer and series, Physical Memory with its specification, Hard Disk, North Bridge & South Bridge with its specification, Chipset that is used in the mother board, ..... and the list goes on.

This utility helps the user if the motherboard CD is missing or corrupted, they can use this utility and collect the exact driver for their computer like Audio driver, Video driver, Network card driver, Chipset driver and bring the computer to the working stage without spending a lot of time in searching for the specification of your computer and trying with incorrect drivers.

Get benefited with the freeware Aida32 and enjoy keeping your computer with exact drivers. :-)

Browser Statistics

There are a lot of softwares that depend on the browsers.

So it a must for the developers that which browser is used most in the world and the percentage of it.

Check the BrowserStatistics and develop the software that will be compatible with most of the widely used browsers.

This will help the developers and the company which rely on web-based softwares with the help of BrowserStatistics.

Also, it is a must to know which browser and with its version is most used. Take a look at this Statistics, which will help you with the latest updated information.

Old Versions

A lot of developers will be keen in developing their softwares, which will work with the lower versions and must be compatible.

Some people will upgrade their software and will not be comfortable with the latest versions and will face a hard time to search for the previous old version to get installed.

Here is a good Web site "OldVersion", which provides older version of a bunch of softwares.

People who are in need of the older version of some of the softwares can download from OldVersion

This is a big gift for developers who comeup with softwares which is a web-based one.

For those kind of web-based softwares, they have to test with atleast Internet Explorer 5.5, Mozilla 1.5, and so on.

OldVersion is a gift for people who really believe in Old is Gold.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Daylight Saving Time 2007 Update

Everybody was waiting for this patch to be released by Microsoft.

Alas...atlast we got it from Microsoft.

Check the link for a detailed information on how the changes will be after implementing this patch.

Microsoft has explained neatly how it will look previously and how it will look now after installing the patch.

They have also provided steps to configure and get ready with the patch.

China's Google

We know only Google. But without our knowledge another search engine is roaring in China.
Take a look at this BAIDU . This looks same as Google and resembles Yahoo in some areas.
This has generated 5 times of its revenue in the 4th quarter, which even Google has not done in its history.
Great work!!!! Keep it up BAIDU guys. :-)

Vista Calculator Plus

Here is another gadget available for XP users to install the Vista

Download the Vista calculator.

The look really thrills to work with it.

Good looking calculator.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Java Class Decompiler

Most of the Java developers will be eager to see the class file code.

Here is a utility which helps to de-compile the class file and shows the code that is available in it.

Click here to download the utility.

This Java class decompiler helps the developers to program their software or utility with the help of the code that is written in the class file.

ODF Add-in For Word

Most awaited Open Document Format (ODF) for Microsoft Word is available now.

By applying this add-in, we will be able to open the ODF documents in Microsoft's Word.

This add-in is compatible with Microsoft Word (XP, 2003, & 2007).

Click here to download the add-in.

If you want to take a look at the Web page, click here.

Slipstream XP with Service Packs

If you want to integrate the Service Packs with the Operating System, here are a few steps to do that in a easy way :

Minimum requirements:

1. XP bootable CD.

2. Service Pack CD.

3. Free space in C: to copy two CD contents (1.5 Gb approx).

4. CD/DVD writer.

5. IsoBuster software. Which can be downloaded from the following Web site :


Primary steps before starting with the integration :

1. Create a folder with the name "XP" in C:.

2. Create another folder with the name "SP" (Service Pack).

Starting with the process :

1. Copy the entire Operating System CD contents of the XP folder that is created in C:.

2. Copy the "XPSP2.exe" in the "SP" folder that is created in C:.

3. Open the command prompt by clicking on Start -> Run and type command.

4. Check whether the command prompt shows c:\documents and settings\yourname.

5. Now, type the following commands to extract the service pack file:

cd \ (press Enter/Return key)

cd sp (press Enter/Return key)

xpsp2.exe -x:c:\sp (press Enter/Return key)

Note: This will take a few minutes to extract all the service pack files into the specified folder.
After that you'll get a prompt saying "! Extraction Complete". Say Ok in that window.

6. After extraction, follow these steps to integrate the service pack with the operating system files that you have copied and pasted in C:\XP folder:

cd i386 (press Enter/Return key)

cd update (press Enter/Return key)

update -s:c:\xp (press Enter/Return key)

Note: After this you'll see a window that will start to update the window share, which is nothing but your C:\XP folder. After the updating is complete you'll get another window with "Integrated install has completed successfully" message. Say Ok in this window.

Now, the XP is integrated with the Service Pack and ready to burn in a new CD.

Extracting "img" file from the XP CD :

1. Install the IsoBuster software.

2. Insert the XP bootable CD in the drive.

3. Close the installation screen and open the IsoBuster software.

4. In that it wil automatically select the drive and will show the content.

5. Select the "Bootable CD" from the left pane.

6. Right-click on the "Microsoft Corporation.img" file which is in the right pane and click on

Extract and Run and save it in C:.

7. Remove the CD from the drive and close the IsoBuster software.

Burning the CD:

Here I have chosen Nero Express burning software. Open the software which you have and select the CD-ROM(Boot) or Bootable CD that is given in your CD.

1. Open Nero Express and click on the Nero button which is near More button to switch to the

other format which will be easy to burn.

2. Select CD-ROM(Boot) from the left pane.

3. Click on the "Boot" tab and select the Image file and give the path "C:\Microsoft


4. Below that select the option "No Emulation" in the kind of Emulation type.

5. Click on the Label tab and provide a comfortable name for that CD and click New button.

6. In the right side open the "C:\XP" folder.

7. Select all files in that folder and drag it to the left side.

8. Click on the burn button to start burning the CD.

Hope you'd have enjoyed with the integration of Service Pack with the OS!!!!!!

You may also follow the same procedure to integrate the Windows 2000 CD with its service


Office XP integration procedure with Service Packs

Procedure to integrate Office XP with its Service packs :

Requirements :

1. Office XP CD.
2. Service Packs.
3. Around 650MB of free space on one of your hard drives.
4. A CDR/CDRW drive, CD burning software.


1. Create folders with the names "OfficeXP" and "Officesp3".

2. Insert the Office XP Cd and click on Start-Run and type the following command to do an administrative installation which will only copy the contents of the Cd to the path we give.
"x:\setup /a"

Where "X" is the Cd drive of your computer.

Note : There is a space before "/a".

When prompted for the path locate the "OfficeXP" folder so that the files get copied there.

3. Either download the Service pack 3 or copy it from where you've downloaded to "Officesp3" folder.

4. Right click on the downloaded service pack file and Using either Winzip or Winrar extract the service pack files in the same folder.

5. Open Start-Run and type the following command to integrate the service pack with the copied files :

"msiexec /p c:\OfficeXPSP3\MAINSP3FF.MSP /a H:\OfficeXP\proplus.msi shortfilenames=true /qb"

Note : If you don't have "MainSP3FF.MSP", you'll have "MainSP3.MSP" try to use that file in that command. You won't get any completion message.

Also, type the following command to integrate the web components to the installation folder ; "msiexec /p c:\OfficeXPSP3\OWC10SP3FF.MSP /a H:\OfficeXP\owc10.msi shortfilenames=true /qb"

Note : If you don't have "OWC10SP3FF.MSP", you'll have "OWC10SP3.MSP" try to use that file in that command. You won't get any completion message.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Manually update Trend Micro

1. Right click on Taskbar and select "Task Manager"

2. Click on the "Processes" tab.

3. See for the below given process, select them and click on "End Process" one by one :






4. Open "C:\Program Files\Trend Micro\Internet Security XXXX" (Default path), if you have installed the program anywhere, please open the respective folder.

5. Follow the link to download the latest pattern files to a new folder in Desktop for easy update for Trend Micro :

Link : http://www.trendmicro.com/download/pattern.asp

In the above link, download the "Virus Pattern File (Official Pattern Release) - X.XXX.XX" which is under "Virus Pattern Files / Cleanup Templates".

Also download "Spyware Pattern File (Official Pattern Release) - X.XXX.XX" which is under "Spyware Pattern Files / Cleanup Templates",

"Network Virus Pattern - XXXXX" which is under "Network Virus Pattern",

"Vulnerability Assessment (VA) Pattern - XXX" which is under "Vulnerability Assessment (VA) Pattern".

You may also download "Wireless Pattern" if you have any wireless devices with Trend Micro installed.

6. After you download all the pattern files, extract all the files to "C:\Program Files\Trend Micro\Internet Security XXXX" (Default path), if you have installed the program anywhere, please extract the files to the respective folder.

7. After extracting, double click on "Patch.exe" which helps us to patch the extracted files with the main file.

Note : This will open a window and patches the latest extracted files within 1 to 2 seconds and the window disappears. It is a normal process.

8. After Patch window disappears, double click on "Tsc.exe". This will open a new window and starts extracting the latest updates and patching it to the main program.

Note : This will extract and update according to the files that the pattern file has in it which will take at the maximum of 5 minutes.

9. After the "Tsc.exe" window disappears, double click on the "pccmain.exe" file to launch Trend Micro.

In the "Updates and Registration" section, you may see the "Manual Update" option. Click on the Manual Update link, which will bring the status of the Trend Micro's updates in which you can see that the latest pattern files updated to your Anti-virus. If you still see the old pattern file number in that session, try to restart the computer and check for the latest pattern file number displayed there after the restart.

Enjoy with the latest updated pattern files on your computer, scan and keep your computer free from Viruses and Spywares.

Viruses and Spywares Removal Procedures

Here are some procedures to scan and remove Viruses & Spywares from your computer :

Visit the following link :


Download : "Damage Cleanup Engine / Template" to your Desktop.

Also Download : "Sysclean Package" from the same page to your Desktop.

Create a separate folder in your Desktop and put the above downloaded files to that folder.

After that visit the following link :


Download : "Virus Pattern File (Official Pattern Release)" to the same folder in your Desktop.

Also Download : "Virus Cleanup Template - xxx" to the same folder in your Desktop.

Also Download : "Spyware Pattern File (Official Pattern Release)" to the same folder in your Desktop.

Also Download : "Spyware Cleanup Template - xxx" to the same folder in your Desktop.

After downloading the above mentioned things, open the folder and unzip the pattern files to the same folder for easy process for the engines.

Double click on "Tsc.exe" to make ready the latest viruses updated then double-click on "Sysclean.com".

The Sysclean.com will extract some files and it will automatically combine the latest virus pattern with it and start the scanning process.

After the scan is complete follow the link to do an on-line scan (This is for extra confirmation):


and click on the "Scan Now. It's Free!" link and proceed with the on-screen instructions to complete the on-line scan.

After the on-line scan is over try to download Spybot from the following link :


and click on "Download here" button to download the Spybot spyware removal tool to your Desktop.

After performing the above things, you may also with Stinger from McAfee with the following link :


and download "Download stngxxx.exe" link and save it to your Desktop and start the scan.

The above mentioned will remove all the viruses and spywares in your computer but for the most latest ones.

Windows Picture and Fax Viewer

This Trojan is a .WMF file that takes advantage of an unpatched vulnerability found in Windows Picture and Fax Viewer.
The Windows Picture and Fax Viewer vulnerability is a zero-day exploit that is capable of remote code execution.
Zero-day exploits are termed as such because the unpatched vulnerability and its corresponding exploit code are released within the same day.
This may pose as a dangerous situation in which a lot of systems may be affected due to the availability of exploit code, and the fact that the vendor has not been given enough time to patch it.
Once this malicious .WMF file is opened, it proceeds to launch a denial of service attack in an attempt to restart or terminate the legitimate system process EXPLORER.EXE. The said action leaves an affected user unable to navigate through Windows.
After performing its routine, this Trojan eventually terminates itself.
It runs on Windows XP and Server 2003.

Solution :


Force Password for 9X users

Make Windows 9X users to force password while login :

Click Start->Settings->ControlPanel->User Accounts.

In that User Accounts, delete the old user and create a new user with passwords.

Click Start->Run and type "Regedit" without quotes and press Ok.

Click on the File menu and click on the Export option and give a file name and click on the Save button.

Click on the + near HKEY_USERS
Click on the + near DEFAULT
Click on the + near Software
Click on the + near Microsoft
Click on the + near Windows
Click on the + near CurrentVersion
Click on folder Run.

Here are the steps to create the file to force the user to enter password :

1. Click on the Edit menu.
2. Click on New option.
3. Click on the String Value.
4. A new file will be created on the right side of the window with an icon "ab".
5. Right-click on the icon and click on Rename option.
6. Enter "NoLogon" without the quotation mark.

Note : The "N" and "L" should be in Caps and the other characters must be in lower case for "NoLogon".

7. Press Enter key.
8. Double-click on the NoLogon key and type "RUNDLL32 shell32,SHExitWindowsEx 0" without the quotation mark in the "Value data:" and click on Ok button.

Click on the File menu and click on the Exit option and restart the computer.

To set the password :

1. Enter the password and click Ok.
2. Restart the computer.

Note: If any user tries to by-pass the login screen the computer will automatically restart and will not allow the user to login to Windows.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Critical Updates!!!!

Lots of users are using pirated software and they struggle while updating with the latest updates.

Phew.....we have one stop site, which provides all the critical updates, service packs, security updates along with the latest versions that are available.

Here are the details about the site and its facilities:

Windows :- Here we get updates for Windows 2000, XP, Internet Explorer, Outlook Express & Live Mail, Windows Media Player and last but not least Windows Vista.

The speciality is that we don't need to go to the Microsoft site and wait for the Validation check and get kicked off. We can directly download the updates from this site.

Hardware :- Here we get updates for a pretty good list of hardware drivers like
ATI, Canon, Conexant, Creative Labs, C-Media, D-Link, Epson, Genius (Kye Systems), HP, Intel, Iomega, Kingston and the list goes by.

We can download the latest drivers from this section.

Office suites & components : - Here we get the updates/service packs for the office packs that we have and it supports service packs/patches for the following:
Office 97
Office 2000
Office XP
Office 2003
Word Perfect Suite

Graphics programs :- Here we can download all the patches that are released for Acrobat, Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Illustrator, Corel (Jasc), Kodak, Microsoft (Picture it, image viewer), ACDSystems and Ulead.

The beauty with this section is that they have patches from the beginning. Ex., patches for Acrobat 4.

Popular Games :- Here all the game lovers can download the latest patches for their desired games starting from A-Z.

Apart from the above mentioned, they have some tips for PC troubleshooting and popular software download of the month.

Click Here to go to that valuable Web site.

Keep the computer updated till date with the above mentioned site and be happy without the bugs.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Kelly's Korner

People who have some minor issues with Windows XP can see the Kellys-Korner.

In this Web-site you'll have solution for a lot of issues and which will be more simpler for people who are not ready to spend their time in trouble shooting with lengthy steps.

Kellys-Korner provides registry tweaks which can be downloaded and when you double-click on the registry file, the issue will be fixed.

I've seen some of the users had difficult time in fixing the folder issue. While double-clicking the folder, search will open. This is an example and Kelly has the fix for it and a lot more.

Try Kelly's Korner and simplify your trouble-shooting.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Desktop Search Tool

Copernic Desktop Search.

People now-a-days need to search for a lot of files, mails, videos, etc. The list grows as per their requirement.

After benchmarking a lot of desktop search softwares, the researchers found a good tool (Copernic) for the search.

Try this out and you won't go for other Desktop search tools.

This utility provides the file with the keyword that we provide and is very very effective. This helps a lot of people in getting their documents that are hidden in some folders that were created or copied a long time ago.

Click on the icon and download the tool.

Vista Transformation Pack

This is a gift for Windows XP users and who don't have the system requirements for Vista.

Till the Vista pirated version is released, we can use the Vista Transformation Pack which will change the Boot Screen,  Logon Screen and the UI in the Operating Systems with the sexy Sidebar.

The round Start button is also exact and sexy with this pack.

Download Link 1

Download Link 2

Hope everybody will love this pack.

Take a look at the screenshot which you'll get after applying the Vista Transformation Pack.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Video Downloader...

It was hectic copying and pasting the link in another Web site and waiting for the download url to be reflected.

Here is an plugin for Firefox which helps us to download the videos from the list available in the picture:

Download Plugin.

I tried this plugin and it is really cool. After installing the plugin, it will ask for restarting the browser.

After restarting the browser, the plugin comes and seats itself in the bottom right side of the browser.

If you want to download the videos, click on the icon and it will help you in saving the video by asking you 3 options as either to save as .gvi or avi or mpeg4.

You can select of your own and the Firefox download manager takes care of the download.