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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Birdie Sync

Birdie Sync is a good piece of software that synchronizes with our daily activities with the mobile phones.

They support:
Windows XP, Windows Vista 32 bits
ActiveSync 4.5, Windows Mobile Device Center 6
Thunderbird 2.0
Lightning 0.3
Sunbird 0.3

Windows Vista 64 bits is not yet supported

They also have an security policy and it says that you must have a mobile which is unlocked. This means that you should be able to install any unsigned software to your mobile.

Download the desired versions from its home page.

Google with Mozilla

Here is a good Web site which provides steps to configure your G-Mail account address book, calender, etc to your locally installed Thunderbird.

GCalDemon is really a good site to know the configurations, which also provides the screenshots.

You will be able to configure the G-Mail to your mobile and fetch mails with that.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Smiley Central icons

You may download a lot of smiley from this link

They also have a lot of other fun stuff in this site.

Take a look and download the files you need.