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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Online Calculator

It's really good to see that we can use online calulator.

Math.com helps us use various calculators like Basic, Scientific, Square Root, Circle, Prime Number, Quadratic Equations, Percents, etc.

Take a look at this online calculator and be benifited.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Job in ebuddy

Developers who are interested in chat have good opportunities with this growing successfull company "ebuddy".

These guys are doing a great job with their web based messsenger for almost all the famous engines.

They support Yahoo, MSN and AIM with the old and new versions. Since their first release, I'm using their web messenger and it's really good.

ebuddy has improved a lot and one of their most impressive feature is the tabbed chat in their product.

Java developers have a good chance and an nice working environment with this company.

Now, the following are the vacancies with ebuddy:

Development (5)

* System Administrator
* JAVA J2ME Developer
* PHP Developer
* Java J2EE Software Engineer
* Front-end Developer/Software Engineer

Marketing / Sales (2)

* Director of Business Development US
* Sales Agent

Intern (4)

* Sales Intern
* Business Development Intern
* Ajax Development Intern
* Java J2ME Development Intern