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Friday, March 5, 2010

CheatBook Of Games

CheatBook For Games..


Mortal Kombat 4 (fully compressed)

Minimum CPU Type: Pentium
Minimum CPU Speed: 133 MHz
Minimum RAM Required: 24 MB
Minimum Hard Disk Space: 25 MB
Graphics Type: SVGA
Graphics Resolution: 640x480
Color Depth: True Color
Serial:Not Needed.


Empires Dawn of the Modern World Empires

Empires Dawn of the Modern World Empires | 785 MB
Rather like that age-old wargame, chess, real-time strategy games abstract the nature of war, reducing the deadly action and the huge industrial investment into a contest that can be decided in a half-hour multiplayer match. But Empires: Dawn of the Modern World decidedly heads in the direction of historical specificity. The latest game from the designer of the original Age of Empires and Empire Earth isn't a reinvention of the traditional RTS formula, but it has the particular distinction of having nine civilizations that play in radically different ways, each with unique special powers, units, and economic traits. Focusing in on five war-torn periods from the time of medieval knights through World War II, Empires provides a look at how military tactics changed in the centuries leading up to the modern era, and the resulting action can pack a lot of units into fierce combined-arms battles. Simply put, there's a lot for RTS fans to like in Empires.



SolSuite 2010 v10.0 | 19 MB

SolSuite 2009 is a high-quality collection of 500 solitaire games. All of the world's best solitaires are included: Spider, Klondike, FreeCell, Pyramid, Golf, Busy Aces, Canfield, Forty Thieves, Four Seasons, Carpet, Flower Garden, Rouge et Noir, Monte Carlo... and hundreds of original solitaires that you cannot find elsewhere!Each solitaire has more than nine trillion possible shuffles, so the game remains fresh, no matter how many times you play. Enjoy the detailed statistics of each game with graphs, 3D charts (pies and bars) and tables to estimate your skill level (by total, current session, series of wins and losses, players' games won, players' score, hi-scores...), statistics for All Games, Won games, Not Won games, Over Average, Under Average, Not Played... For solitaire lovers, SolSuite 2009 is a guaranteed pleasure. Each game is fun and exciting, and will keep you entertained for hours. If you like solitaire games, then you'll want to add SolSuite 2009 to your collection!

SolSuite: The Most Complete Solitaire Collection
??? 500 world's best solitaire games!
??? More than 70 awesome card sets!
??? More than 300 beautiful card backs!
??? Large Card Sets easier to see!
??? Lot of advanced features, options and statistics!

SolSuite 2009 includes the Ribbon, a graphical user interface composed of a strip across the top of the main playing area. Ribbon interface is a part of the new Microsoft Fluent User Interface that replaces the menus and toolbars used since the version 2008 of SolSuite.
The Ribbon is a way to enhance usability by consolidating related commands so that they are easier to find. Commands are organized into groups and related groups are organized on tabs. One need not look through multiple levels of hierarchical menus.


Titan Quest Gold Edition [PC]

Titan Quest Gold Edition [PC]

Titan Quest Gold includes Titan Quest plus the expansion pack, Immortal Throne.

From the co-creator of Age of Empires, Brian Sullivan, comes an all-new action role-playing game set in the mythical worlds of ancient Greece, Egypt and China. Amazing visuals and fast-action gameplay deliver a true cinematic gaming experience. Lush ancient world settings crafted in near-photo realistic detail provide the player with an extraordinary canvas on which to set forth on an epic quest of the ultimate good versus evil.

[b]With Titan Quest:[/b] Immortal Throne, continue the epic story and battle through the sinister underworld of Hades. Along with new foes, players will find new allies. Players will interpret the prophecies of the blind seer Tiresias, fight alongside Agamemnon and Achilles, and use the wiles of Odysseus to conquer this dark new adventure.

[u]Titan Quest Features:[/u]
* Epic adventuring in the ancient world
* Stunning 3D graphics, with an amazing level of detail and realism
* Addictive, fast-action gameplay
* Custom, definable character classes and modifiable skills
* Streaming, seamless world
* Over a thousand pieces of unique and legendary equipment

Titan Quest: Immortal Throne Features:

* 10 Additional Character Levels allows players to bring existing and new characters to new heights, along with higher level equipment and skills
* 8 New Character Classes The expansion pack features an entirely new skill mastery, which combines with existing skill masteries to create eight new exciting character classes.
* New Exotic Monsters and Locations Quest through exotic locations in the Mediterranean area and ultimately descend across the river Styx into the heart of Hades. Defeat terrifying new monsters on your way to victory!

[u]System Requirements:[/u]
[b]OS:[/b] Windows 2000/XP/Vista
[b]Processor:[/b] Pentium 4 @ 1.8 GHz or Equivalent
[b]Memory: [/b]512 MB
[b]Video Memory:[/b] 64 MB
[b]Sound Card:[/b] DirectX Compatible
[b]DirectX: [/b]9.0c
Keyboard & Mouse


Napoleon: Total War (2010/RUS/ENG/MULTI8)

Year: 2010
Genres: Add-on (Standalone) / Strategy (Real-time / Turn-based) / 3D
Developer: The Creative Assembly
Publisher: SEGA
Localizer in Russia: SoftKlab
Platform: PC

Minimum system requirements:
• Operating System Windows Vista / XP / Windows 7;
• Intel Dual-Core processor with a frequency of 2 GHz / single-core Intel or AMD (with SSE2) with a frequency of 2.6 GHz;
• 2 GB (XP) / 3 GB (Vista / Windows 7) of RAM;
• 38 GB of free hard disk space;
• Video card with 256 MB VRAM compatible with DirectX 9.0c, with support for Shader 2b;
• Sound card;
• Keyboard, Mouse.

Recommended system requirements:
• Operating System Windows Vista / XP / Windows 7;
• Intel Dual-Core processor with 2 GHz or higher / equivalent AMD;
• 2 GB (XP) / 3 GB (Vista / Windows 7) of RAM;
• 38 GB of free hard disk space;
• Video card with 512 MB VRAM compatible with DirectX 9.0c, with support for Shader 2b;
• Sound card;
• Keyboard, Mouse.
• For multi-player game requires Internet access and free registration on Steam.

Publication Type: license
Language: Russian (RUS), English (ENG), German (GER), Italian (ITA), Czech (CZE), French (FRE), Polish (POL), Spanish (SPA)
Озвучки Language: Russian (RUS), English (ENG), German (GER), Italian (ITA), Czech (CZE), French (FRE), Polish (POL), Spanish (SPA)
Tablet: absent

Description: Napoleon: Total War combines all the best features of famous historical strategies cult series Total War. You will be able to take part in the most important campaigns of Napoleon Bonaparte, who had marked the key stages of his reign - from the triumphant ascent to the throne before the infamous fall. You can decide what role to fulfill: to speak on behalf of the legendary French commander or lead one of the opposing armies to him. In three campaigns, the main Napoleonic Wars: From the victorious operations in Italy and Egypt, through which General Corsican made a dizzying rise and became emperor, to the fiasco of the Russian campaign of 1812 and the defeat at the Battle of Waterloo - Napoleon's last large-scale battle marked the end of an era in the history of Europe.
Napoleon Total War (2010/RUS/ENG/MULTI8)
Game features:
• Battles around the world. Three strategic maps - three episodes from the life of Napoleon Bonaparte, folding into a single story of the great military leader. The action of the first campaign is unfolding in northern Italy and Austria, the second - in North Africa and the Middle East, with the third - on the territory of Europe.
• Reliable strategy and tactics. More than three hundred different units available to management, differ not only in appearance but also ability.
• Realistic naval battles. The new system damage and repair of ships can be patched holes in the ship straight into the battle.
• Another great! Napoleon: Total War - is the full potential of graphics engine Warscape, which created the previous game in the series - Empire: Total War. The new physics, improved visual effects and post-processing colors and chiaroscuro make the image even more quality, and optimization engine allows you to run the game on less powerful computers.
• Campaigns for the company. Distinctive features various multiplayer modes and all that is needed for today's online battles - used in-game bonuses, the system advances, the editor of military uniforms and voice chat.
• Guards regiments. The edition includes an exclusive set of elements of "Guards regiments.

http://rapidshare.com/files/355607749/Napoleon.part41.rar DVD2:

Combat Wings - Battle of the Pacific (Eng/Multi3/2008)

t's the 4th of June, 1942, and Japanese bombs are raining down on Midway—and you. This lethal assault is a prelude to an invasion whose success gives the enemy control over the Pacific. You are one of the American airmen who hold the outcome of this decisive battle in their hands. You'll have to prove yourself as a fighter, bomber, and reconnaissance pilot, and confront Japanese aces as a bomber and ground AA gunner.The enemy has to be stopped at Midway—and victory's up to you. Relentless action and non-stop excitement at Midway: that's Combat Wings. Take part in the Pacific War's most important battle as fighter, bomber and reconnaissance pilot, a gunner in a Flying Fortress—or an anti-aircraft gunner fending an aircraft carrier or airfield from swarms of enemy planes! A campaign of 21 richly varied missions is complemented by a multiplayer mode that lets you fight for the Americans or the Japanese. Choice of two control modes—arcade action or flight sim, chase and cockpit views, 20 flyable plane types, and spectacular graphics deliver an unforgettable gaming experience packed with thrills and full-blooded combat.

Information about the game:
Title: Combat Wings - Battle of the Pacific
Release Date: July 29, 2008
Genre: Flight Simulation
Platform: PC
Publisher: City Interactive
Language: English, Spanish, French

Game Features:
- Your choice - 20 aircraft. Choosing between species - from the cockpit and the pilot's aircraft tracking
- An extensive campaign of 21 missions (dogfight, bombing, reconnaissance and anti-aircraft support)
- Short-time education - instant dive straight into the air battles guschu
- Two modes - arcade action or aviasimulyator
- Modern graphics and various weather conditions and fascinating sptseffekty
- Multiplayer Deathmatch for LAN or internet

1. Mount image in Daemon Tools
2. Set Game
3. Play

System Requirements:
- Pentium III 800MHz or faster
- 256 MB RAM
- DirectX 9 compatible Video Card with 64MB RAM (Ensure you have the latest available drivers for your graphics card!)
- DirectX compatible Sound Card
- CD-ROM Drive, Keyboard, Mouse and Speakers
- 700 MB Free Hard Drive Space
- Win 98/Me/2000/Xp
- DirectX 9.0c (included on game CD)


Street Fighter 4 IV Full PC Game ISO | Repack

Street Fighter 4 PC Game
Street Fighter 4 IV Full PC Game ISO | Repack

At the completion of the second World Warrior Tournament, the Shadaloo crime syndicate was left in ruins, its grandmasters defeated and scattered to the winds. Now, the mysterious Seth, CEO of the S.I.N. Corporation, has set up yet another tournament and invited a blend of old friends and new faces to battle again for the title of the world's strongest. With 25 characters (including the original 12 street fighters), a blend of 2D and 3D graphics, and the new focus-attack system, Street Fighter has returned with a vengeance. Check out our Street Fighter 4 Launch Center for all the latest news, previews, and more!

1.7 GB


The Sims 3 Full PC Game ISO - Repack

The Sims 3 Full PC Game
The Sims 3 Full PC Game ISO - Repack

The freedom of The Sims 3 will inspire you with endless creative possibilities and amuse you with unexpected moments of surprise and mischief. Create millions of unique Sims and control their lives. Customize their appearances and personalities. Build their homes - design everything from exquisitely furnished dream homes to quaint cottages.

5 GB


Civilization IV: Complete Edition (Eng/Multi5/2010)

Civilization IV is the ultimate strategy game, offering players the chance to lead their chosen nation from the dawn of man through the space age and become the greatest ruler the world has ever known.

Civilization IV: The Complete Edition includes the original strategy classic, plus all two expansion packs and the standalone game Colonization in one box, for an incredible value.

DRM Free: The complete Civ IV experience with no Digital Rights Management limitations.
Play at your own pace: Turn-based gameplay means you can take your time and think about your next strategic move.
Original music compositions, plus narration by Leonard Nimoy.

This compilation includes:

Civilization IV
* THE STRATEGY CLASSIC: Includes the multiple game of the year award winner that started the series. Rule throughout time and create your legacy in this landmark game.
* 3D LIVING WORLD: Detailed environments where animals roam and smoke billows from small huts, set in a vibrant and colorful world.
* INNOVATIVE FEATURES: Great People, Holy Cities, missionaries, variable game scales, new land, sea and air units, and loads of new civics

Civilization IV: Warlords
* NEW LEADERS & CIVILIZATIONS: More of history?s greatest military leaders including Shaka, Wang Kon and Augustus Caesar, plus six all-new civilizations.
* WARLORD UNIT: Great new person unit: the Warlord! Change the course of history through military might
* NEW SCENARIOS: Eight new scenarios including Alexander?s Conquests, the Rise of Rome, Genghis Khan and more!

Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword
* THE BIGGEST CIV EXPANSION EVER: A massive increase of 10 civilizations, 64 buildings, 11 scenarios, 5 wonders, 6 technologies, corporations, brand new espionage system and expanded trade routes.
* SCENARIOS: EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED: 11 additional scenarios include settling new worlds in Final Frontier, battling zombies in Afterworld, conquering medieval Western Europe in Charlemagne and more.
* UNSTOPPABLE CORPORATIONS: Found your own corporation and spreads its influence as another tool to gain control over the world.

Civilization IV: Colonization
* CLASSIC GAME DESIGN: The strategy classic Colonization is rebuilt with beautifully improved visuals, while retaining the famous addictive gameplay and endless fun that are synonymous with Sid Meier games.
* ESTABLISH A NEW NATION: Play as the English, Spanish, French or Dutch and journey to a brave new world in search of freedom from your oppressive homeland.
* MULTIPLAYER OFFERS TONS OF REPLAY: Compete with friends from all over the world via the Internet and Play by Email modes or compete locally via the Hotseat and LAN modes, offering endless ways to conquer the New World.

Platform: PC
Genre: Strategy (Manage/Busin. / Turn-based) / 3D
Language: English, French(standard), German, Italian, Spanish


Road Rash Compressed...

Our Old Game RoadRash Once Again On the Roads...
Road Rash Cracked and compressed...


Corvette (2008/PC/Eng)

Corvette |PC| 664.2 Mb

The intervention of the human factor, as a rule, introduced confusion in the ideal building for only a few seconds - the machine, led by computer, it is difficult to deploy, but with us they straighten very well. Nevertheless, victory at the "Amateur" in particular, does not seem unattainable goal. Apparently, the rivals are going to some low-powered wagon, or specifically brakes (hidden "Catch Up" in action).In the "Professional" to play a much more interesting: the struggle harder and catch up ahead is not so simple.
Publication Type: License
Language: English

Original title: Corvette
Genre: Racing
Platform: PC
Release date: November 2008

Installation instructions:
1. Mount image
2. Install game
3. Playing!
Size: 664.2 Mb


LA Street Racing (PC/Eng)

LA Street Racing |PC| 292.52 Mb

Nothing worries residents of Los Angeles. Late at night sleeps even organized crime.
The moon shines, supporting it with its lights dim light. The highway was empty. But - hark! What's that noise?
And why is he coming? Oh no, this is crazy street racer, recaptured roadbed!
Raging roar of modified engines, the race for life, and thousands of dollars, a deadly risk and liters
Psycho! And, of course, a beautiful top model Anastasia Brown, giving a visual signal to start.
Noise explosion covers the sleeping streets. Ten racers prove to each other that they are the best.
They obey the streets, highways, drawbridges, dirty yards. Stop them can only concrete
overlap, it is the same - death. Stretch. Only one will win a prize. Only it will be a hero
this arrival. There is an opportunity to play on the network and the Internet.
-Windows 2000sp4 / XPsp2
-Pentium III 1 GHz (or equivalent AMD)
-256 MB RAM
-1,5 GHB free space on HDD
-GeForce 3 or Radeon 8500
-DirectX 9.0c
-DirectX-compatible sound card
-Keyboard, Mouse
-Size 292.52 Mb


ChessBase Mega Database 2010 (2009/ENG/MULTI10)

New megabaza from ChessBase! Contains 4 463 293 chess games from 1560 to mid-November 2009! Of these, approximately 65 000 qualified parties also commented on the chess players. Plus, contains a huge base of players (244 208), more than 31 000 photos. The set includes a built-in viewer, but for a more comfortable and valuable work is recommended to use the program ChessBase 9 or 10.

System requirements:
System: Windows XP / Vista
Processor: 1 GHz processor
Memory: 512 MB RAM (1GB VISTA)
Video: 128 MB video RAM
Sound card: DirectX - compatible
Hard disk: 3 GB or above

Year: 2009
Genre: Simulation
Developer: Chessbase
Publisher: Chessbase
Platform: PC

Publication Type: License
Crack: Not required
Format: ISO
Language: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Slovenian, Brazilian, Dutch, Catalan
Size: 1,53 Gb


Superstars V8 Next Challenge FULL (2010)

Superstars V8 Next Challenge FULL (2010)
PC Game | Arcade / Racing (Cars) / 3D | MULTI5/ENG | 618 Mb
Description: Superstar V8: Next Challenge - a new edition of the racing simulator from Black Bean Games, created in honor of the championship European Superstars. It will include new cars, tracks and game modes.

Year: 2010
Genres: Arcade / Racing (Cars) / 3D
Developer: Milestone
Publisher: Black Bean Games
Platform: PC

Publication Type: RePack
Language: MULTI5/ENG
Tabletka: Mini image


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Winamp 5.572 Pro (2010) Cracked 100% Working

Winamp 5.572 Pro (2010) Cracked 100% Working

Winamp is more than just a player. It's your window to the multimedia world. From MP3s to streaming video, Winamp is the one place you go to feed your audio/video habit. Winamp was born as a very basic media player and has slowly but consistently improving for many years. Its main purpose was to be completely customizable and through the years, many people have contributed to a library that now consists of 20,000 skins and 461 plug-ins.


Adobe Photoshop Plugins Ultimate Collection For MAC OSX 2010

Adobe Photoshop Plugins Ultimate Collection For MAC OSX 2010 | 1.08Gb

Alien Skin
Alien Skin Softwares.dmg
Alien Skin SuperBundle II SN included.dmg
Alien Skin UB Master Bundle
Blow Up 1.1 (UB).sitx
Exposure 1.5 (UB).sitx
Image Doctor 1.5 (UB).sitx
Impact 5.5 (UB).sitx
Nature 5.5 (UB).sitx
Snap Art 1.1.0 (UB).sitx
Splat 1.5 (UB).sitx
Textures 5.5 (UB).sitx
Xenofex 2.2.sitx
Xenofex 2 Mac OSX.sit
Andromeda Etch Tone.dmg
Andromeda Perspective.dmg
Andromeda RedEye Pro.dmg
Andromeda ScatterLight 1.12.dmg
Andromeda Screens.dmg
Andromeda Shadow.dmg
Andromeda VariFocus.dmg
Auto FX dreamsuite pro.dmg
AutoFX Autoeye 2.dmg
AutoFX Mystical Lighting.dmg
AutoFX Mystical Tint Tone Colour.dmg
AV Bros
Av Bros Collection.dmg
Corel KPT
Corel KPT Collection.dmg
Digital Anarchy
Digital Anarchy Backdrop Designer.dmg
Digital Element
Digital Element Aurora.dmg
FixerLabs FixerBundle.dmg
Flaming Pear
Flaming Pear Collection
Flaming Pear UB.zip
Flaming Pear Collection.zip
Flaming Pear Plugins.dmg
Nik Dfine.dmg
Nikon Color Efex Pro 2.0 Complete.dmg
Fluid Mask 2.0.3.dmg
Fluid Mask 2.0.3.zip
Fluid Mask 3.0.1 [k'ed].dmg

Download from Hotfile

Download from Uploading

Windows BATMAN XP SP3 2010 + WPI (ENG)

Windows BATMAN | XP SP3 | For Gamer |2010 | ENG | 544 Mb

Program based on Windows XP Professional SP3 English Original MSDN x86 with original playing style Batman XP and the last renovations to safety (on December 25 2009). Also is present small WPI, in which there is all necessities for begin functioning. The Key is installed, system passes check and takes therenovations.

Program Name: Windows BATMAN XP SP3
Year: 2010
Platform: Win XP
Language: ENG
Keygen: Yes
Size: 544 Mb

WPI contains:
Winamp player 5.08
K-lite Mega codec Final
Nero Burning 8
WinRAR 3.90 Plus
Super Copier 2009
Power Cutter 2.9
Foxit Reader
Real alternative 1.51
Alfa Autorun Killer 2.0
internet download manager 5.18
firefox 3.5
Yahoo! Messenger 10
Flash Player IE
Flash Player f
FairStars Audio Converter
7z 907
Oxford Dictonary11 With Sound Portable

Windows BATMAN XP SP3 2010 + WPI (ENG)Windows BATMAN XP SP3 2010 + WPI (ENG)Windows BATMAN XP SP3 2010 + WPI (ENG)
Windows BATMAN XP SP3 2010 + WPI (ENG)Windows BATMAN XP SP3 2010 + WPI (ENG)



Mirror 1: http://depositfiles.com/files/pnozdin39
Mirror 2: http://depositfiles.com/files/77d5q5sil
Mirror 3: http://depositfiles.com/files/219lqpnez


WiFi Attacking Tools 2010

WiFi Attacking Tools 2010 | 35 Mb

The pack contains the MOST updated and licensed softwares.

1. AirCrack 2.1
Aircrack-ng is an 802.11 WEP and WPA-PSK keys cracking program that can recover keys once enough data packets have been captured.It implements the standard FMS attack along with some optimizations like KoreK attacks, as well as the all-new PTW attack, thus making the attack much faster compared to other WEPcracking tools. In fact, Aircrack-ng is a set of tools for auditing wireless networks.

2. AirSnort 0.2.6
AirSnort is a wireless LAN (WLAN) tool which recovers encryption keys. AirSnort operates by passively monitoring transmissions, computing the encryption key when enoughpackets have been gathered.
802.11b,using the Wired Equivalent Protocol (WEP), is crippled with numerous security flaws. Most damning of these is the weakness described in " Weaknesses in the Key Scheduling Algorithm of RC4 " by Scott Fluhrer, Itsik Mantin and Adi Shamir.
Adam Stubblefield was the first to implement this attack, but he has not made his software public. AirSnort, along with WEPCrack, which was released about the same time as AirSnort, are the first publicly available implementaions of thisattack.

3. AeroPeek 2.02
AiroPeek NX captures and decodes packets, with special emphasis on the 802.11 protocol.
AiroPeek NX receives all wireless LAN packets based on user settable configuration parameters and stores these packets in memory.
For example, you can set a filter to capture all packets, only 802.11 authentication request frames, or all frames except beacons frames.
Just about any combination of packet types and protocols are possible.


1.Go to the downloaded folder.
2.Install the setup.
3.Just Enjoy...........!

Download links:

50 HQ Auto Wallpapers Pack [Set 83]

50 HQ Auto Wallpapers Pack [Set 83] [RAZA]
50 JPG | ~ 2048 x 1536 | 26.03 Mb



1000 Perfect HQ wallpaper archive 1080P; Abstract, Car, City, Creative, Flowers, Nature

1000 Perfect HQ wallpaper archive 1080P; Abstract, Car, City, Creative, Flowers, Nature





ASHAMPOO SOFT PACK 2010 (29 in 1)

ASHAMPOO SOFT PACK 2010 (29 in 1) | 918 MB

Collection programs ASHAMPOO SOFT PACK 2010, which includes the latest version from the developer Ashampoo. Programs are designed to meet the vast number of tasks: optimization of the computer, restore hard disks, working with CD / DVD, editing text documents, virus protection and many others.

Ashampoo ® ClipFinder HD 2.06 + Ashampoo ® ClipFisher 1.21
Program for searching and downloading video files located on various video-hosting. Ashampoo ClipFinder has a beautiful and user-friendly interface, making the work with the program leaves only positive impressions.
He is able to simultaneously search videos from many sites, including YouTube and MySpace, showing details of each found video file (name, duration, screenshot, etc.). Before downloading the video anyone interested can view it in the preview window. In addition, there exists a function retrievesfiles from the user links. The program has a special section for collection and review of the best videos. Nothing makes searching, viewing, conservation and management of web videos easier.

Ashampoo ® Magical Snap 2.51
The powerful program for creating screenshots allow you to save a graphic file of everything that is visible on screen. You check everything on the screen, in whole or in part:program windows, websites, desktop and everything that can be located on the screen. Then you use the editing tools to improve the screenshot and make it a striking image. Interactive guides show you how to perform each operation. All the features of theprogram easy to use and effectively. For example, the mouse option instruments are located next to the mouse pointer, and they do not need to look at the menu. Try and see, click editing tools images easily and quickly. The latest version is able to capture the entire contents of the window, even those parts which are in the scroll. Theprogram has a multilingual interface, including interface in Russian.

Ashampoo ® AntiVirus.v1.61
Anti-Virus, which combines the tools to protect your computer from viruses, worms, Trojans and other malicious sites. Ashampoo AntiVirus is able to work in automatic mode, scanning the user files and operating system components. Anti defines as already known viruses (virus database program recognizes over 470,000 viral threats), and suspicious objects which may be potential carriers of viruses. The user can check anyfiles on CD and DVD disks and other storage devices. Special attention is paid to checking e-mail. It is possible to automatically update antivirus databases, changes in which the developers have made several times a day.

Ashampoo SeeYa
Ashampoo SeeYa powerful program that can peobrazovyvaet files in various formats, using Ashampoo SeeYa saying, you can create slide shows, picture azhdoy to add your comments. You can build text directly on the picture. You can send them to your relatives or friends around the world.

Ashampoo ® Office 2010
Ashampoo Office 2010 - a great alternative to Microsoft Office and other office programs, but the package Ashampoo Office much more compact. This package includes a word processor TextMaker, the application for the work (creating / editing) spreadsheet PlanMaker and means of creating presentations Presentations. Compatible with document formats Microsoft Office, and even user interface is similar to the interface of applications MS Office. In addition, Ashampoo Office 2010 can be installed not only on the computer hard drive, but also on lyuby flash drive (in the package includes a special utility for this). So the first thing that catches your eye - is the size distribution of the product. The CD installer is only 100 MB. Quite a bit, considering that part of the installerincludes a word processor TextMaker, spreadsheet PlanMaker, a program for creating presentations Presentations, additional tools (for creating portable versions), and documentation. A set of installable products can be varied by selecting the appropriate installer dialogs komponenty.Mnogoyazychnyinterface - another feature of the German office. In the list of available locations represented thirteen languages, including Russian. Russification qualitative and not sinning misspellings and ridiculous abbreviations used in most programs with the translated userinterface. Incidentally, the latter executed in classical style, familiar to users of previous versions of Microsoft Office. The third positive feature of Ashampoo Office - compatibility with files. Doc,. Xls,. Ppt and documents stored in the format OpenDocument, supported by OpenOffice.org, StarOffice, IBM Lotus Symphony, Microsoft Office 2007 SP2 and many other office suite. Compatibility complete, that is, the files listed formats can not only view, but also to retain changes made to them. In addition, a functionality to export data to PDF. Processing of files with complex formatting in our case, the German office is handled excellently, correctly displaying charts, diagrams, flowcharts, drawings, tables and other elements included in the document. Installed on the computer Ashampoo Office can be copied to a Flash-drive and then use on any other machine running Windows. To transfer the office suite on the flash drive has a special utility that comes bundled with the software product. To copy files and create a portable version of sgoditsya any antediluvian flash drive capacity of 64 MB.

Ashampoo ® Magical.Security.2
Ashampoo Magical Security 2 encodes your files, so that instead of a coherent text or figures obtained an incoherent mishmash of characters. Breaking a program for the time available is impossible, even connecting with a very powerful computer.
The principle of protection works not only against hacker attacks from the Internet, but also against possible spies in your office.
C using Ashampoo Magical Security 2 encrypted files can be easily returned to its original, readable condition.

Ashampoo Cover Studio 2.1
Ashampoo Cover Studio - multifunction program from the German developer, which allows you to create covers for your CDs.
With this tool you can create covers for their CDs for a small period of time than you would have done manually. It supports all modern formats packages CD / DVD, as well as the latest printer with direct printing on the disc. Of the features of theprogram is to provide support for all types of standard CD-ROM drive, use ready-made templates skins, which you only need to enter your text / image data, create their own cover design and much more. Like many products of the developer, theprogram has a pleasant, stylish and multilingual interface.

Ashampoo ® Snap 3.31
Ashampoo Snap - program for creating screenshots and video presentations, allows you to capture all the objects on the screen, including video. Thus, with this tool you can easily create video presentations or training videos on various programs, as well as to take screenshots of all the objects on the desktop. Theprogram has a built-in easy-to-use graphical editor that allows you to easily edit made screen shots as you need and store finished images in one of the formats. WithAshampoo Snap you can do video capture, capture window scrolling web site, capture a single window, the seizure-free rectangular area, the seizure of a free-style and the seizure of the established size of a field.Program interface is translated into several languages, including Russian language.
The program for creating screenshots allow you to save a graphic file of everything that is visible on the screen: the window of the program in whole or in part, a web page, desktop and everything else. Is possible to take screenshots scrolling windows. In Ashampoo Magical Snap has a built-in graphics editor, which allows for a variety of effects. The utility has an original and intuitive userinterface.

Ashampoo ® WinOptimizer 2010
New sixth line of the software package that allows to optimize the operating system due to its setting and cleaning. It includes utilities to clean the hard disk and system registry, the module for the protection of personal information by searching for and deletingfiles and data left behind by Internet cepfinga, the utility for optimizing Internet connection, a module to configure the program autoloading simultaneously with the launch of the system, as well as modules for searching and removing unwanted faylov DLL, for the irrevocable removal of data and to encryptfiles.

Ashampoo ® WinOptimizer 6
New sixth line of the software package that allows to optimize the operating system due to its setting and cleaning. It includes utilities to clean the hard disk and system registry, the module for the protection of personal information by searching for and deleting files and data left behind by cepfinga Internet, the utility for optimizing Internet connection, a module to configure the program autoloading simultaneously with the launch of the system as well as modules for searching and removing unwanted faylov DLL, for the irrevocable removal of data and to encrypt files.

Ashampoo ® UnInstaller 4.04
Uninstall programs with well-organized interface and the algorithm works. This utility tracks and records the changes that make installation program, which allows to correctly remove unwanted program. Positive quality is that this program removes not only the applications that were traced to her, but by analyzing the uninstall program, and monitoring are not produced. In addition to its primary function, the ability to remove duplicates and temporary files, manage installed in the system fonts. Has a stylish user interface with multilingual support, including the Russian language.

Ashampoo ® UnInstaller Platinum 2
This utility tracks and records the changes that make installation program, which allows to correctly remove unwanted program. Positive quality yavletsya what Ashampoo UnInstaller Platinum removes not only the applications that were otmonitoreny, but also by analyzing the uninstall program, and monitoring are not produced. In addition to its primary function, Ashampoo UnInstaller Platinum is able to remove duplicates, temporary files and fonts to solve problems of shared ddl-kami and make "snapshots" of the system, all actions are performed using visual and comprehensible wizards

Ashampoo ® Magical Defrag 3.20
Program for defragmenting the hard disk. The program allows you to quickly and easily get rid of fragmented files on the hard drive, thereby increasing the speed of the system as a whole. Ashampoo Magic Defrag is built on the principle of "set and forget". Works in the background as a service and if necessary conducting defragmenting the disk. The authors promise that even when working softiny you do not feel its presence, because She hardly loads the CPU! Users with proper rights can also monitor and supervise the work program on the network!

Ashampoo ® Internet Accelerator 3.20
Program to optimize your Internet connection. The program has beautiful and at the same time easy to use interface that helps you quickly and easily configure all the network settings. Then there is the possibility to optimize the connection either automatically or manually, and can reset all the settings for Internet connections to the values set in the Windows initially.
In automatic mode, just select the type of network (Dial-up, ISDN, DSL and others), which is used to connect to the Internet and by clicking the appropriate button, you can optimize. The manual mode the experienced user to set the size of the transmitted data packet (MTU), the number of bytes sent server (RWIN) and the maximum number of allowable connections using network protocols, HTTP 1.0 and HTTP 1.1.
When you install the program uncheck Get free trial key, so that you can enter the code.

Ashampoo ® PowerUp 3.23
The program for "fine" tuning Windows, specializing in the add / tweak / optimize Windows. Made it with the latest fashion trends - a beautiful and intuitive interface, can create profiles, so if necessary, could change all pre-configured settings with one click, a dialog help, but you can modify not only the operating system, but also such popular applications like Internet Explorer, Outlook Express and MS Office.

Ashampoo ® Office 2008
This is a very handy program like Word, Exel, PowerPoint, and occupies vesgo 40 MB can be easily exported to flash nositele.Upravlenie assists in the drafting of texts of all kinds, in the completion of spreadsheet calculations and in the preparation of expressive presentations.
In these tasks, Microsoft Office is the generally accepted standard, and its format, and the functions it offers a constantly required. The program takes only a limited amount of memory on the hard disk is very stable and still offers all the functions of the Office, that really should be used for private or business environment.
Ashampoo TextMaker, PlanMaker and Presentations
As for word processing program, Ashampoo TextMaker is able to cope with both long and short texts. The program has the opportunity to present the content, index and tables, can import graphics, and you can place 3D texts. With an integrated database of addresses, the preparation of serial letters presents no problem. Web-pages are also easy to create with the program. The program also won considerable praise thanks to its very high quality system of spelling. Presentations program brings images and texts together, and using pre-sets, you can easily create a visual presentation which can be played on a PC monitor and can also easily be exported or printed out.
Ashampoo Office 2008: Now with PDF export and the Postal Assistant
Many things have changed in the new Ashampoo Office 2008. This is not only to the presentation program Ashampoo, which is a completely new addition.
Objects on the basis of data exchange between the three application control as new. This means, PlanMaker tables can be easily integrated into Ashampoo TextMaker document, for example. One click of the mouse on an object is enough at any time, to have the opportunity to work on it in the original application.
Ashampoo Office 2008: Take it with you on a USB Flash:
Ashampoo Office 2008 has one decisive advantage over other office suites. You can install it on a USB Flash and take it with you wherever you go. If you want to use another computer in the office, your laptop at home, the computer in a hotel lobby or at an Internet café terminal, then simply connect the USB Flash and continue your office.

Ashampoo ® Movie Shrink & Burn 3.03
The program allows you to compress any video file (converting to a format MPEG4), using the latest technology in video processing, you always get the minimum file size with minimal loss in quality. Specify the program file size that you want to get, and you can save it to disk or burn directly to CD or DVD. Recording function on the CD supports multisession.

Ashampoo ® Slideshow Studio HD 1.0.3
Digital cameras have made photography easier than ever, but share your photos even more difficult than necessary. Ashampoo Slideshow Studio HD has changed all that. With its easy and understandable interface and ready-to-use themes, you can create a large Auto-play slide shows with music and stunning animate transitions in a snap.
You can simply record a slide show on DVD, which will play on any home DVD-pleer.Takzhe can create HD (high definition) slideshow, which is available on YouTube and MyVideo or as MPEG2, MPEG4 or Windows Media Video files which will play on almost any computer.
If you hurry, you simply need to choose photos, choose one of the many themes, and then click Products Slideshow. You will be asked to select the output format and whether you want HD or the usual definition, that's all.
If you want to get their creative work, you can insert your own text and graphics, as well as geometric shapes.

Ashampoo ® FireWall 1.14
Firewall, which will provide security presence in the Internet tracking all network activity and controlling access of various applications.
Ashampoo Firewall automatically detects applications that are trying to connect to the network, and suggests setting permission. Supports two modes of operation - simple (using automatic wizard, you can configure the policy for individual applications) and the expert mode (provided full control and the ability to customize applications).
Full blocking mode enables instant deny access to all applications in case of danger of data loss. There is the possibility of monitoring local connections.

This kit you need for printing Covers, slideshow presentations, video recording disks, etc.

Utility allows you to create projects and record CD / DVD (including MP3-CD, VCD, S-VCD, and Blu-ray). Works together with most recording devices. It has never been so easy to convert your files to DVD discs that can be played on any DVD-player.

The utility allows you to adjust the contrast, brightness and color balance. All actions in the program are made by pressing the necessary button on the toolbar. Also, this program provides for batch processing of graphic files.

Allows you to comfortably view digital photos in a convenient way to organize their storage and sorting on your hard drive, also present the possibility of creating slideshows and burning it to CD / DVD drives. Supports work with RAW files and it is possible to be used as a media player.

This is a complete package for working with audio files allows you to copy audio tracks to your hard disk formats WMA, MP3, OGG, FLAC and WAV. The program also allows you to create playlists, burn CDs of various formats (recording an audio CD, record MP3 CD / DVD / Blu-ray, record WMA CD / DVD / Blu-ray, record mixed format CD / DVD / Blu-ray), edit audio tracks and more.


iPhone Application Pack - 25 Feb 2010

iPhone Application Pack - 25 Feb 2010 | 1.77 GB

01-in-1 Games 1.1-Lning.ipa
2010 Mahjong 1.4.0-Lning.ipa
365 Great Paintings - A Painting a day 1.0.1-Lning.ipa
3D SFCave 1.0.0-Crack.ipa
A Photo Button 1.1-Lning.ipa
ABBYY Business Card Reader 1.0-CHRiS0261.ipa
ARE YOU SMARTER THAN A 5TH GRADER 2010 1.0.1-Lning.ipa
Air Assault 1.5-Chino13.ipa
AirCoaster Pro 1.2-Lning.ipa
AngerOfStick 1.0.5-Lning.ipa
AngerOfStick-Friend 1.0.0-VJR.ipa
Antrim Escape Full 2.0-Lning.ipa
AppBox Pro 1.3.0-Jeroenz0r.ipa
Arcade Bowling 1.5-CMNgamer.ipa
BMX Cunning Stunts 3D 1.0.13-Lning.ipa
BOBB 1.01-Lning.ipa
Blood Beach 1.3-Lning.ipa
Broadersheet - Your Intelligent Newspaper 1.5.5-idiot_savant.ipa
Bubble Fans 1.1-Lning.ipa
Bugdom 2 2.3-Watson.ipa
Bygone City Adventure Game 1.4-Lning.ipa
Camera GPS 1.02-Lning.ipa
Cartoon Wars-Gunner 1.0.3-Lning.ipa
Cobra Command 1.1-Lning.ipa
Collider 1.2-Lning.ipa
Colosseum 1.12-Lning.ipa
ConfettiArt 1.2-Lning.ipa
Cosmo 1.3-Lning.ipa
Crusade Of Destiny 1.4.2-Lning.ipa
DJ Nights - Global Tour 1.1-Lning.ipa
Doodle Monster 1.1-Lning.ipa
Download Meter 2.0.1-(TNG).ipa
Downloads 1.2.1-Lning.ipa
Dress Up with Angelina Ballerina 1.01-SparkyHERO.ipa
EBPocket Professional 1.10-Lning.ipa
Eco Punk 1.0-Lning.ipa
Emergency Radio 1.9.7-Tizocman.ipa
Evil House - Misteri Rumah Angker 1.1-Lning.ipa
Fizziks 2.0-Lning.ipa
Forest Folk 1.1-Lning.ipa
Funny Anti-Smoking Ads 1.2-Lning.ipa
Gamebook Adventures 1 - An Assassin in Orlandes 1.2-Lning.ipa
Gangstar - West Coast Hustle 1.2.0-Lning.ipa
Ghost Detector 1.1-Crack.ipa
Guerrilla Bob 1.01-Lning.ipa
Jelly Invaders 1.1-dNaPdA.ipa
Line Rider Racing! 2.1-Lning.ipa
Listenial 1.1.1-Lning.ipa
Live Cams 3.2-Lning.ipa
Musket & Artillery - American Revolutionary War 1.1-Lning.ipa
OttO - The Amazing Live Voice Reversal and FX Gizmo 1.0.1-Lning.ipa
Outside 1.0.3-CHRiS0261.ipa
PAPAGO! Vietnam (PRO) 6.2-VJR.ipa
PDF Word Excel File Viewer 1.0.5-razvan.ipa
Paradise Monkeys 1.4-Lning.ipa
Pocket Heat 1.2-Lning.ipa
ProLoop 1.1-CHRiS0261.ipa
Rectools08pro Multi Track Recorder 1.2.0-CHRiS0261.ipa
Reflecting Pool 1.0-dNaPdA.ipa
Scanner 911 - live police radio 2.6-MadHouse[C4iD].ipa
Slide-a-ma-jig 1.1.0-Watson.ipa
Soccer Manager 1.04-lionboy94.ipa
Soulver 1.0.5-MadHouse[C4iD].ipa
SportsModel 1.0.1-Lning.ipa
Stick Fights 1.0-VJR.ipa
TIOnixie Alarm Clock - Stop Watch - Timer 1.1.1-Lning.ipa
Texas Hold'em 1.1-StaSiS.ipa
The Game is Afoot 1.1.4-Lning.ipa
The Muppets Animal Drummer 1.0.1-Lning.ipa
Thomas Game Pack 1.0-SparkyHERO.ipa
Torrent downloaded from Demonoid.com.txt
VLC Remote 4.10-Jeroenz0r.ipa
Vampire Transformer 2.0-Lning.ipa
WOW TCG Database 1.1-Lning.ipa
WeeMee Avatar Creator 1.0.0-CHRiS0261.ipa
Wings Galaxy - Space Exploration 1.1-CHRiS0261.ipa
WorldCard Mobile CN 1.2.1-Lning.ipa
WorldCard Mobile EN 1.2.1-Lning.ipa
WorldCard Mobile KR 1.2.1-lning.ipa
Zepi 1.5-Lning.ipa
iBomber 1.4-Lning.ipa
iCurrency Plus 1.0.1-SparkyHERO.ipa
iFlashReady 3.5-(TNG).ipa
iManila 2.0.2-Cracked.ipa
iWretchGirl Pro 1.9-Lning.ipa
nVaderz 1.02-omkff.ipa


Nero All In One 10 in 1

Nero All In One 10 in 1 | 1.03 GB

Nero 9 is the next generation of the world’s most trusted integrated digital media and home entertainment software suite. It features new cutting-edge functionality that makes enjoying digital media content simple.
This easy-to-use yet powerful multimedia suite, gives you the freedom to create, rip, copy, burn, edit, share, and upload online. Whatever you want – music, video, photo, and data – enjoy and share with family and friends anytime, anywhere.
With easy-to-use Nero StartSmart command center, your digital life has never been more flexible, feasible, and fun.
-System Software
-Diagnostic Utility
-Simple Labeler
-Template Labeler
-Nero BackItUp and Burn 1.2.17b
-Nero In CD 6.6.5100 [32/64 Bit]
-Nero Media Home
-Nero Move IT
-Nero 9 Menu Templates 1-2-3
-Nero 9 Movie Templates + Starter Kit
-General Clean Tool
-Nero 9.0 HQ Licence maker Manager 5.55
+Activation Video

System Requirements:
> Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003 Server, Windows Vista, or Windows® 7
> CD/DVD/BD optical recorder that supports write-once and rewritable discs (MMC compliant, multiread RW recorders, recorders supporting MRW (Mt Rainier))
> Uninstall any other packet-writing software, and all prior versions of InCD before installing the current InCD version


AIO Audio-Video Converters Collection (2010)

AIO Audio-Video Converters Collection (2010) | 449MB

Video Converter v6.3.3.371
Video Editor PRO v4.2.1.167
Video ReMaker v3.1.1.83
DVD Authoring v1.3.3.51
DVD Copy v4.1.1.263
Media Player v3.1.1.172
Audio Converter v6.1.1.159
Audio Editor v5.2.1.241
Ringtone Maker v1.6.1.140
Audio Recorder v3.9.1.89
Disc Creator v3.5.5.408
Photo Editor v1.2.1.68
Image Converter v1.1.3.71
Cover Editor v2.0.0.68
Slideshow Maker v1.1.1.62 beta
AVI (DivX, XviD, etc.), DV AVI, MP4 (inc. Sony PSP and Apple iPod), WMV, 3GP, 3G2, QuickTime (MOV, QT), SWF, DVD, VOB, VRO, MPG , MPEG 1,2,4, DAT, VCD, SVCD, ASF, ASX, MJPEG, H.263,H.264, Real Video (RM, RMVB), DVR-MS, MKV, OGM, FLV



MAGIX Software Collection (Update February 2010)

MAGIX Software Collection (Update February 2010) | 1.71 GB

Magix.COM which has over 15 years of experience could create the best edit and multimedia editor software for you. List of software on next page.

Toolkit includes:
1. MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab 15
2. MAGIX Digital Photo & Video
3. MAGIX Movies on DVD
4. MAGIX Music Maker 15 v
5. MAGIX PC Check & Tuning 2010 v5.0.28.803
6. Magix Ringtone Maker
7. MAGIX Video Pro X 1.5 v8.6.0.17
8. MAGIX Xtreme Web Designer 5.0.10354
9. Movie Edit Pro 15 Plus v8.0.5.8
10. MP3 Maker 15 v10.0.0.317
11. PCSamplitude Music Studio 15 v15.0.1.0
12. Portable MAGIX Xtreme Photo Designer 6 v6.0.19.0
13. Video Easy
14. Xtreme.PhotoStory.on.CD-DVD.Deluxe.



or Mirror

Latest Windows Keygens pack

latest Windows Keygens pack | 6 Mb


Microsoft Business Network Professional v1.0 SP1 -kEyGeN-
Microsoft CRM Server v1.2 -kEyGeN-
Microsoft ISA Server v2004 Enterprise -kEyGeN-
Microsoft ISA Server v2004 -kEyGeN-
Microsoft kEyGeN 2000
Microsoft Office Communicator 2005 v1.0.559 -kEyGeN-
Microsoft Office Professional v2003 -kEyGeN-
Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 -kEyGeN-
Microsoft Plus! Digital Media Edition -kEyGeN-
Microsoft Visual FoxPro v9.0 -kEyGeN-
Microsoft Windows Longhorn -kEyGeN-
Microsoft Windows Media Center Edition 2005 -Activator-
Microsoft Windows Server 2003 -kEyGeN-
Windows Multi kEyGeN
Windows Server 2003 Enterprise VLK -kEyGeN-
Windows Server 2003 x64 Edition VOL -kEyGeN-
Windows XP Activation Patch
Windows XP Activator
Windows XP Product Key Viewer and Key Changer
Windows XP Professional -kEyGeN-
Windows XP Professional x64 Corporate -kEyGeN-
Windows XP Service Pack 1a -kEyGeN-
Windows XP Service Pack 2 -kEyGeN-
Windows XP SP2 Home & Pro Activation -cRaCk-
Windows.Genuine.Advantage.Validation.v1.5.526.0.CR ACKED-ETH0


Word Excel Office PDF Rar Password Unlocker (Feb 2010)

Word Excel Office PDF Rar Password Unlocker (Feb 2010)

Great build for all situations, it collected for the utility to recover passwords office applications and archives. More details ....
Word Password Unlocker 4.0

Word Password Unlocker effective tool for recovering passwords to documents of Microsoft Word.
Lost a password for opening a document of Microsoft Word? Lost a password for saving changes to a document? For WORD Password Recovery is not a problem! This small tool will be able to make your job easier both at home and in the office!

* Recovery of passwords for all versions of Microsoft Word from 97 to 2007
* Recovers the password to open a Word file
* Removes the password to open and edit documents
* Fast recovery of passwords in precision
* Allows users to customize the mask the password, if known to any part of the password

Excel Password Unlocker v4.0

Excel Password Unlocker eliminates passwords with sheets of Excel. If you are faced with the problem of editing protected pages
Microsoft Office Excel, you will appreciate the need to use this program. Excel Unlocker enables you to change the password to the worksheet in your Excel Workbook, thus obtaining access to the opportunities that have been closed by someone through negligence or willful misconduct later, or that you yourself have closed, and the password is successfully forgotten.

Office Password Unlocker v4.0

Office Password Unlocker a program for the return of passwords for Office. The program returns the passwords to MS Word and MS Excel quickly, easily and efficiently. This program supports three types of attack to guarantee you receive it. Also, you can not only view a document after you receive it, as well as edit dokument.Prosto show the path to the application Office, you want to decrypt, and then click Start and the program itself will do its job. The program is very easy to use and does not require any special skills, so that even a child can safely handle it.

With three modes of cracking the password, the program works fast and effectively. This program will automatically perform a complete scan of the document and will look for the password until it finds the result. The main characteristic of theprogram is that the program is developing a special scheme for each password cracking . For example, you can choose to brute force, if anything at all do not remember or do not know about the password. Also, you can choose to brute force with a hidden attack, if you remember at least a piece of the password, for example length. If you are sure that you know most of the password, you can try to attack mode reference.

Recovers the password for opening documents.
Removes the password to open and modify the document.
Support to recover passwords for Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access.
Support for all versions of Office from 97 to 2007.
The ability to minimize recovery time, if known, any feature of the password.

Three modes of cracking:
Brute force if anything at all do not remember or do not know the password
Brute force with a hidden attack if you remember at least a piece of the password, for example the length of
Background mode of attack if you think you know most of the password
High speed cue. Full support for multicore processors.
The ability to create their own databases and dictionaries.
Ability to stand prioretit processor to improve performance.
Automatic saving of the recovery process and resume if accidentally stopped.
Turn off the computer after the recovery.
Convenient and easy to use interface.

PDF Password Unlocker v4.0

PDF Password Unlocker it is an effective program to recover passwords encrypted Adobe Acrobat PDF documents. This is the easiest to use program to recover passwords and return program that allows you to not only open the encrypted PDF files and edit them and perform actions such as selecting text and graphics, add or edit comments, copied to the clipboard, change the contents of the document raspechatyvat.Prosto and show the path to Adobe Acrobat PDF, which you want to decrypt and click Start button and theprogram itself will do its job. The program is very easy to use and does not require any special skills, so that even a child can safely handle it.

With three modes of cracking the password, the program works fast and effectively. This program will automatically perform a complete scan of the document and will look for the password until it finds the result. The main characteristic of theprogram is that the program is developing a special scheme for each password cracking . For example, you can choose to brute force, if anything at all do not remember or do not know about the password. Also, you can choose to brute force with a hidden attack, if you remember at least a piece of the password, for example length. If you are sure that you know most of the password, you can try to attack mode reference.

Support for creating PDF documents in Adobe and other applications.
Recovers the password for opening documents.
The speed above nearly doubled compared with similar programs.
The rate of selection of the 4,000,000 options in the second for single prosessorov and to 8,000,000 in the second for multi core.

Three modes of cracking:
Brute force if anything at all do not remember or do not know the password
Brute force with a hidden attack if you remember at least a piece of the password, for example the length of
Background mode of attack if you think you know most of the password
Support for Adobe PDF versions from 3.x to 9.X.
Support for PDF files created by other applications.
Gives the opportunity to remove restrictions on copying, printing, etc. ..
Supports 40 bit RC4 ,128 bit RC4 ,128 bit AES and 256 bit encryption AES.
The ability to minimize recovery time by adjusting, if known to any part of the password.
Ability to create your own vocabulary.
Automatic saving of the recovery process and resume if accidentally stopped.
Convenient and easy to use interface.

Rar Password Unlocker v3.2

Rar Password Unlocker program that allows to quickly reveal any zaporoleny archives, including SFX archive (self extracting) with an arbitrary length password (both digital and alphanumeric content) and file size not more than 3 GB. Works with any of the ways to encrypt the contents of RAR archive (with encrypted / unencrypted file names). It has a large number of settings and options that allow the most rapidly and effectively to achieve the desired result.

Hacking is done by removing the password from the registry backup. This method does not require daily or even annual expectations, depending on other programs, burglary in which the method of enumeration values. Thisprogram was developed by a foreign company Haksoft and recently hit the market in Russia (July 2008), gaining a huge popularity from domestic users. This version is equipped with an English interface, but itdoes not hamper its use.

Operating system: Windows 2003/2000/XP/Vista/Seven
Language: English
Size: 14.3 MB


Korea Floral Material Concourse DVD18

Korea Floral Material Concourse DVD18
Full PSD Layer | 3.21 GB | HF

1. “Pattern Gallery Center” contains the latest South Korean patterns and swept “Korean Pattern Gallery (Limited Edition)”, “South Korea’s pattern Gallery 2″, “South Korea’s pattern Gallery 3″ and many more sets of patterns essence Gallery in one
2. Book 578 four-color full-color printing, packaging and refinement, is a rare Collections designers;
3. With the book be equipped with 32 high-capacity DVD disc, the contents of up to 127G;
3. All images are vector AI, EPS, or high-definition layered PSD format and compatible with a variety of printing requirements. (PSD format pictures are 20cm-50cm, precision 250-350DPI): 3182 Ge PSD files, 2559 AI files, 417 EPS files, 1606 JPG files.
4. The gallery of a broad range of applications, from print advertising design, web design, sharp inkjet, photo studio, to walls, wallpaper, fabrics, towels, textiles, curtains, furniture, tiles, flooring, ceilings, sheet , tea table and other designs that can be derived almost applications


Portable USB Apps Feb 2010

Portable USB Apps Feb 2010 | 845 MB

A huge collection of Portable software to run with the stick in the envelope ASuite.
1. Copy the contents to the root of the stick
2. Runs (avtomatichecki or manually) file ASuite.exe, where and select and start the desired program.


Computer Repair Utility Kit -60in1- [AIO]

Computer Repair Utility Kit -60in1- (AIO) | 86.6 Mb

The Computer Repair Utility Kit allows you to run all of the repair tools from your portable drive (eg. USB Flash Drive, External Hard Drive, IPod etc.) and comes with an easy to use, right-click menu. A must in any computer technicians kit.
????: AllOutWarez.com Computer Repair Utility Kit AIO

-+=[ Downloads ]=+-

VTC Adobe Photoshop CS4 for the Web Tutorials

VTC Adobe Photoshop CS4 for the Web Tutorials
Author: Geoff Blake | Duration: 07:00 | 105 tutorials
Genre: Video Training | 617 MB

Photoshop, the de facto graphics application in the world of print design, turns its sights on web design! In this course, Geoff Blake will demonstrate many practical and useful techniques for working with Photoshop in a web design capacity. You'll learn the fundamentals of web design, including HTML and CSS basics, the challenges of web browsers, and how monitor resolution affects design.
Geoff will also demonstrate how to coordinate Photoshop and Dreamweaver so that you can edit layout images in Photoshop. You'll master Photoshop selections, how to use layers to organize your layouts, and how color works in an online environment. Finally, you'll construct an entire layout from scratch inPhotoshop and discover techniques for exporting it for online use.

Download :-

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Lynda Dreamweaver CS4 with CSS Essential Training

Lynda Dreamweaver CS4 with CSS Essential Training | 1.13 GB

The latest developments in Dreamweaver require designers to understand CSS in order to use the application to its full potential and create standards-compliant web sites. In Dreamweaver CS4 with CSS Essential Training, web developer and Adobe Master Instructor James Williamson teaches the fundamentals of CSS while focusing on how to use Dreamweaver to efficiently create and manage styles. He shows how to use Dreamweaver to resolve style conflicts; how to use new CSS-related features such as Live View; and the best way to create lightweight, site-wide style sheets.


Linux Professional Institute (linux training videos)

Linux Professional Institute (linux training videos) | 2.3 GB

The Linux Professional Institute Certification (LPIC) program is designed to certify the competency of IT professionals using the Linux operating system and its associated tools. It is designed to be distribution neutral, following the Linux Standard Base and other relevant standards and conventions.The LPIC program is designed in multiple levels. Determining which tasks were suitable to each level was done using a "Job Task Analysis" (JTA) survey. As with all of the LPIC exam development processes, the JTA was developed and executed using recognized psychometric processes, to ensure its relevance and high quality. For more information on our "Job Task Analysis" see this page.
The LPIC program consists of three levels of certification: LPIC-1, LPIC-2 and LPIC-3. For information on each level click on the corresponding image below.

WMV total 2.3gig
VID Windows Media 9 Screen Video
Aud:Windows Media Audio 9 Voice

Linux LPIC-1 Series

02:07 LPI Series Intro
28:30 Using the command line
27:30 More command line skills
29:48 Command line skills part 3
28:20 Processes
27:58 Configuration
33:18 Installation issues
33:10 Filesystems
38:31 Package management
33:15 X windows
28:49 Kernel modules
26:29 Printing
26:20 Administrative tasks I
32:59 Administrative tasks II
42:22 Shell Scripting
36:53 Basic Networking
26:39 Network services 1
31:47 Network services 2
29:13 Basic security

Linux LPIC-2 Series

02:50 LP-2 Series Intro
32:56 The Linux Kernel: Customizing and Compiling
28:33 Boot Loaders and the Boot Process
27:13 Linux Filesystems
30:50 Samba and NFS: Sharing Files across the Network
28:00 RAID
27:42 System Maintenance
30:23 PERL Scripting
27:17 Troubleshooting Problems in Linux
28:45 Networking in Linux
30:48 The Apache Web Server
28:54 DNS and BIND
31:38 Mail and News
31:23 Network Management
28:24 SSH: Client and Server

Linux+ Series (BEGINNERS) w 2004 Update

35:04 Introduction to Using Linux
28:14 Intro to Linux Part 2
24:34 Planning your installation
33:46 Pre-installation Hardware Considerations
29:12 Installation of Linux
36:39 Installing and Updating Software in Linux
36:12 User Administration in Linux
33:19 Administration of Filesystems and Security
36:53 Administration of Networks in Linux
34:57 Linux Essentials
33:06 Configuring Printing and File Sharing
28:24 Configuration Files and Related Topics
36:50 Maintenance of a Linux System
27:31 Troubleshooting Problems in a Linux System
29:53 Troubleshooting in Linux Part 2
23:43 Troubleshooting in Linux Part 3
25:51 Hardware Issues in Linux
25:03 More Hardware Issues in Linux
04:22 Linux+ 2004 Update Intro
16:36 Multimedia in Linux
18:06 Introduction to sed and awk
24:26 Security Issues Part 1
18:13 Security Issues Part 2
24:03 Printing and Mail
25:35 Hodgepodge: Learning to Learn Linux


07:48 Series Intro
33:55 Pre-Installation Considerations
28:36 Installation Issues - Working with Hard Disks
36:43 More Installation Issues
33:16 Advanced Installation Issues
24:47 Post Installation
29:24 X windows
27:29 Window Managers and Desktop Environments
32:49 Package Management
30:30 The Linux Rescue and Recovery Process
27:13 User Administration
32:06 Groups
25:21 The Linux Kernel
26:45 The Linux Kernel Part 2
26:35 The Network File System (NFS)
31:44 Apache Web Server
28:48 Mail Services
28:57 DNS and Bind
26:42 FTP and Internet News
34:03 Shell Scripts
32:22 Introduction to Perl
31:10 Performance Monitoring
26:48 Security
24:05 Security 2