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Friday, March 21, 2008

An Essential Introduction to Maya Character Rigging

Discover the concepts and techniques required to rig engaging CG
character models with Maya

in this unique book and DVD package. The stunning color images show just
what you can

achieve, and the detailed step-by-step tutorials show exactly how to
achieve them.

Every technique and tip is backed up with practical tutorials, using the
models, student work and

tutorial assets on the companion DVD to offer a crash course in this
vital skill. With Cheryl

Cabrera youll learn about:

Designing your first Biped Character; Creating your first Biped
Character - Modeling Basics,

Biped Character Facial Expressions, Texturing Basics; Skeleton setup for
a Biped Character Joint

Placement; Control Rig setup for a Biped Character - IK and FK; Wrapping
up the setup;

Skinning your Character

* Use simple NURBS and polygon modeling in Maya for greater flexibility
in your workflow

* Create control rig setups for a biped character - both IK and FK

* Put your new skills to work with the models and tutorial assets on the
free DVD!



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