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Friday, March 21, 2008

How to Cheat at Configuring VmWare ESX Server

This book will detail the default and custom installation of VMwares ESX
server as well as basic

and advanced virtual machine configurations. It will then walk the
reader through post

installation configurations including installation and configuration of
VirtualCenter. From here,

readers will learn to efficiently create and deploy virtual machine
templates. Best practices for

securing and backing up your virtual environment are also provided. The
book concludes with a

series of handy, time-saving command and configuration for: bash shell
keystrokes, Linux

commands, configuration files, common/proc files, VMware ESX commands, and


*Follows Syngress' proven "How to Cheat" pedagogy providing readers with
everything they

need and nothing they don't

*Gartner has stated that if companies have not begun or have planned to
begin a virtualization

effort; they are quickly falling behind the mainstream for IT organizations

*Currently, VMware has 2.5 million users and more than 5,500 enterprise
server customers for

their products



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