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Monday, March 24, 2008

Koi Fish Pond 3D Screensaver

Koi Fish Pond 3D Screensaver (Latest) | 14.2MB

Screensaver for windows xp and vista A real Japanese Koi can be a very expensive purchase. Who with a few well-wealthy collectors apart - is already prepared to several tens of thousands of euros for a breeding carp forms? Moreover, the welfare of these animals with great effort. How good is a question that you do not need to worry, because with this screen saver you can use the wonderful color carp just subscribed to your monitor watch! Und nicht nur das: And not only that: You can Koiteich even after you like with your favorite varieties, such as Asagi, Kohaku oder Yamabuki Ogon. Observe the carp in different views above and below water, or just follow the camera, as they leisurely circles the pond. The soothing sight of the Japanese garden invites you to spend time.




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