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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Bamboo Keyboards and Mice Are the New Rage in China

Apparently, one of the globe’s biggest polluters has found an environment friendly alternative to plastic keyboards and mice.

Bamboo keyboards and mice are not exactly new on the market, and I’m sure you’ve come across all sorts of wooden peripheral concepts online. Jiangxi Bamboo Technology Development Co. Ltd., the only bamboo peripherals manufacturer in China, says their products have become increasingly popular at a national level, after they’ve been successfully exported to markets in Europe and America.

Production of bamboo keyboards and mice began in 2008, but until early 2009, they’ve only been shipped to foreign countries. But ever since franchised stores opened in Shanghai and Ningbo, China can’t get enough of its environment-friendly peripherals.

Judging from the photos, the Chinese aren’t stopping at just bamboo keyboards and mice, they’re taking it a step further, with bamboo encased LCD displays.

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

BSNL Broad Band Usage...

Today all the BSNL user's big headache is the broadband usage. The portal is stopped and now they no more show the usage of the individuals. The billing system has been changed and you have to pay whatever they say on the bill.

You got a help...download the Bandwidth Monitor tool, which helps in tracking the usage easily.


(Download before the link is dead)

Installation procedure:

1. Install the "BandwidthMonitor.exe" (Remember to uncheck in the Finish button screen).
2. Copy "BWMonitor.exe" & "Registration.reg" from the Fix folder to the installed folder.
3. Click Yes to replace the BandwidthMonitor.exe file.
4. Double-click on the "Registration.reg" file and click ok to make the software a registered version.

Enjoy Daily, Weekly and Monthly reports and save your money.