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Monday, September 17, 2007

How to Confirm That You Set Mailbox Storage Limits Correctly

To confirm that the mailbox store limits work, change the generate warnings schedule to run constantly, create a dummy user account and mailbox, and then add messages to that mailbox until the warning messages are displayed. You may receive the warning message up to 15 minutes after you have added the messages. After you exceed the Prohibit send and receive setting, any messages that you send to the test account are returned as undeliverable.

After you confirm the mailbox store limits, configure different mailbox limits for the test user, log off Outlook, and then log on again. The mailbox receives mail again.

NOTE: To check for folder sizes in Outlook:
1. Log on to the Outlook client computer.
2. In the Folder List column, right-click Outlook Today, and then click Properties for Mailbox (User Name).
3. Click the General tab, and then click the Folder Size.
To check folder sizes in Exchange System Manager, click the Mailboxes object under Mailbox Store (Servername) in the left pane. The mailboxes that are hosted on that store, their size, and the number of items that they contain are displayed in the right pane.

NOTE: After you finish testing, reset the schedule to generate warning messages.


If you configure storage limits, note that the mailbox limits are measured in KB and not megabytes (MB). If you do not make this distinction, you may type 100 KB instead of 100,000 KB as the mailbox limit.

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