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Monday, September 17, 2007

Confirm that your new mailbox management policy works correctly

To confirm that your new mailbox management policy works, follow these steps:
1. Create a test Exchange user account.
2. Configure the filter rule so that the recipient policy applies only to the test account.
3. Import old and large messages to the test account.
4. Run the mailbox management process manually from the server.
If your new mailbox management policy works, messages are moved according to the policy settings, and you receive the notification message as configured in the policy.

Note Mailbox Manager does not process mailboxes in the priority order that the mailbox management recipient policies are applied. When Mailbox Manager runs, it iterates through all the private stores on the server, and then iterates through all the mailboxes in each store. Each mailbox is cleaned based on the recipient policy that is applied to the user object for that mailbox in the Active Directory directory service by the Recipient Update Service. The order or priority of the recipient policies does not affect the order that the mailboxes are processed

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