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Monday, September 17, 2007

How logging works in Update mode

Logs from the Outlook Time Zone Data Update tool

When the Outlook tool is run, the tool creates a log file in the temp directory. This file is named "Outlook Time Zone Update.log." Msextmz.exe extracts the information from "Outlook Time Zone Update.log," and then creates per-user log files in the directory that is specified in the LogDirectory of the .ini file.

These files are named by using the following format:
MSExTmz-User’s CN from the User DN-Random number.LOG
For example, the Outlook tool logs the following information:
The Outlook tool does this when it processes a user who has the following DN:

Error file

If Msextmz.exe is unable to run the Outlook tool against any mailbox, the DN of the user will be logged in the error file. Msextmz.exe will not log anything to the error file if the Outlook tool ran successfully.

Log file

If the Log file option is configured in the Msextmz.ini file, the information output from Msextmz.exe to the Command Prompt window is also available in the specified file.

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