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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Tally Full 9.1.0

Tally 9 now offers the following new and unique benefits:

Concurrent Multi-lingual Capability

* Operate in any language of your choice, concurrently *
* Enter accounts in the language of your choice, view reports in another
language and print them in yet another language, at the same time
* Enter data using normal keyboards with Tally phonetic key board support

* Currently, language support is available in 13 languages. Support for
many more languages will be available shortly.

Tally 9 now offers enhanced payroll management that includes:

* Capturing of employee related information like general employee
details, payment details, statutory details, Passport and Visa details
and contract information.
* Multiple methods for calculation of salaries
* Auto-generation of payslips including multiple payslip printing
* Tracking of loans and advances
* Calculation of PF and Gratuity
* Support for Expatriate Employee processing and generation of expiry

POS Invoicing

* Invoice printing in continuous mode
* Invoice printing on 40 column paper
* Faster data entry and calculation
* Barcode support, batch support, multi-mode payment
* Integration with accounts and inventory

Unlimited Companies and Consolidation of Companies

* Create and maintain any number of companies concurrently (up to 99,999
* Enables grouping of companies and provides consolidated reports
* Changes done in any constituent or branch company are automatically
updated in the grouped information
* Maintain multiple levels of group companies

Data Synchronisation

* Helps synchronise and update data across multiple locations
* Fast and easy access/exchange of business information across offices &


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(Rar Pass - warezkings.com)

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