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Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Jacked (ENG)

Game in the best traditions Road Rash raises the lath of quality to the
new level, and the hurricane of breakneck speed and severe fights makes
it necessary to forget about everything, except the desire to win fatal

Twisting routes are full of obstacles, springboards and bonusov,
desperate rivals mchatsya next, aiming to stun and to knock out from the
saddle, and from the enormous speed, at which passes the race, the level
of sharp sensations can go off scale. Besides traditional weapon, in the
game be present the double-barrel, the cocktails of Molotov and even
grenade, which can be used for the separately effective destruction of
enemies. Besides this in the game there is the unique possibility to
take possession of the motorcycle of rival, after sending him to the
rigid encounter with the asphalt.

Special features of the product:
- the possibility to take the motorcycle of the enemy
- the wide arsenal of weapon, from the bits also of inhibitor to
Molotov's cocktail
-24 diverse missions, whose action is turned on the urban streets, the
dumps, the alpine routes and in the boundless steppes
-18 models of the sport motorcycles
-7 gripping play regimes, including "to take flag" and the "war of bands"
- regime split screen for the game two together

Minimum system requirements:
- the operating system Microsoft?® Windows?® XP
- Processor Pentium?® OF III 1 GHz
-600 MB. of vacant place on the hard disk
-256 MB. of the working storage
to -.GeForche FX (it does not support SHITYU 2/YA/.MKH and analogous) or
Radeon 9500
- the sonic device, compatible with DirectX?® 9..0c
-.DirechtKh?® 9.0s
- device for reading of the CDS


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