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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

LinuxCBT PAM Edition

LinuxCBT PAM Edition encompasses: 1. Pluggable Authentication Modules
(PAM) Security.

LinuxCBT PAM Edition entails 6-hours, or ~1-day of classroom training.
LinuxCBT PAM Edition prepares you or your organization for successfully
securing GNU/Linux & Open Source-based solutions.

Let LinuxCBT PAM Edition cost-effectively sharpen your PAM Security skills!

PAM Security - Module 1

- Introduction - Topology - Features
- PAM Rules Files & Syntax
- Common PAMs - Identify & Discuss Commonly Implemented PAMs
- Account Policies with PAM
- PAM Tally
- PAM Password Quality Check
- PAM Time - Time-based Access Control
- PAM Nologin
- PAM Limits - System Resource Limits Controlled by PAM
- PAM Authentication with Apache


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