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Friday, August 29, 2008


Let me put it this way, for the past 7 years my life has revolved around advertising websites online through Google. I know every rule, advertising policy, and exactly how to advertise any website to make it unbelievably profitable. In fact, Google has actually recognized me as one of their Qualified Advertising Professionals.

Learn How I Use Google - the Worlds Most Popular Search Engine, To Make THOUSANDS of Dollars Every Day through Affiliate Marketing!

I have combined my knowledge of Google advertising with internet affiliate marketing and have put all of this information into a downloadable guide.
You WILL NOT find any of the information contained in Google Money Pro anywhere else on the web. Google Money Pro contains all of my personal secrets, tips, and techniques allowing you to set up an extremely profitable affiliate account by professionally advertising with Google AdWords. Best of all, I show you how to do everything in an easy to follow, step by step, illustrated guide.

I wrote Google Money Pro so anyone can benefit from it. This means that if you don't have a website or a product and you don't have any internet or business experience, Google Money Pro will be perfect for you. It starts with extremely basic information that everyone can understand and as you read along it will gradually become more advanced so by the time you're finished reading it you will fully understand everything. I've had teenagers to people in their late 80s purchase Google Money Pro and email me telling me how much they appreciated me writing it, so I know everyone can benefit from this. If you ever get lost, confused, or need help in any way just email me and I'll personally reply to your email with the answer to your question.

Even if you're already experienced with internet marketing and Google AdWords, you'll be amazed at how many things you're doing wrong that's costing you money every single day. You would be surprised to know how many books on Google AdWords are completely wrong and contain information that's costing you thousands of dollars.

I receive emails all the time with people listing off all the books they've bought on internet marketing and they ask me "Why does the information in Google Money Pro goes against what all their other books say to do". I even receive emails from my competition telling me their customers are asking questions referring to my book and they don't know how to answer them properly. This is because the money making techniques in Google Money Pro are completely different from any other book.

This is also why I am able to produce five times as many sales per month as my competitors.

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