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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Lynda.com PowerPoint 2010 New Features and PowerPoint 2010 Essential Training Interactive Tutorials with Exercise Files

For Windows and Mac. Exercise Files are included.
2 Courses.

In PowerPoint 2010 New Features, David Diskin explores the latest version of Microsoft’s presentation software. This course covers themes and transitions, the ability to add equations and over forty new SmartArt diagrams to presentations, new photo retouching and video editing features, and new ways to collaborate and share presentations across the Internet. Exercise files accompany the course.
Customizing the Ribbon interface
Using the new Backstage View
Saving time with the Animation Painter
Styling a presentation with themes and transitions
Introducing new ways to work with video
Using the enhanced photo editing features such as cropping, removing backgrounds, and artistic effects
Broadcasting a presentation on the Web
Merging, comparing, and collaborating on presentations
Comparing PowerPoint 2007 and PowerPoint 2010
Using the exercise files
1. Enhancing the Way You Work
Using the new Backstage
Changes to the Office Ribbon
Separating your show into sections
Paste preview
The Animation Painter
2. Improving the Overall Presentation
New presentation themes
New slide transitions
3. Working with Photos and Video
New photo effects
Removing backgrounds from photos
Easier photo cropping
Adding, editing, and playing video
4. Adding Content to Your Slides in New Ways
Including screenshots in your presentation
New SmartArt diagrams
Adding mathematical equations
5. Working with Others
Saving as a video
Broadcasting on the web
Merging and comparing presentations
Collaborating simultaneously with others
Other useful features
In PowerPoint 2010 Essential Training, author David Diskin demonstrates how to engage an audience with images, video, sound, charts, and diagrams in professional presentations. The course also covers a variety of methods to share presentations with others, and provides comprehensive tutorials on how to design presentations that successfully deliver a quality message. Exercise files accompany the course.
Using the Office 2010 Backstage View
Using and customizing the Office 2010 ribbon
Starting a presentation from scratch
Applying slide layouts for consistency
Rearranging slides
Running a presentation for an audience
Formatting with font, color, bullets, and alignment
Adding and customizing photos, clip art, shapes, audio, and video
Applying picture effects such as background removal, brightness, and color effects
Modifying slide masters
Adding a logo to the background
Adding and customizing tables, charts, diagrams, and data from Excel
Printing a presentation
Sharing a presentation with others through video, the web, SharePoint, and PDF
What is PowerPoint?
Using the exercise files
1. Understanding the PowerPoint 2010 Interface
Managing your presentations with Backstage
Using the Office Ribbon
Customizing the view
Customizing the Office Ribbon
2. Getting Started
Starting from scratch
Adding slides and content
Deleting slides and changing layouts
Rearranging slides
Saving time with Outline mode
Separating your show into sections
Adding photos and clip art
Using the thesaurus
Saving a presentation
Applying a theme
Running the show
3. Formatting a Presentation
Using fonts and color
Adding bullets and list numbering
Changing text alignment
Using picture effects
Removing backgrounds from photos
Understanding slide masters
Changing slide backgrounds
Adding a logo to the background
Applying slide transitions
Saving the design template
4. Adding Tables and Charts
Creating tables
Formatting tables
Pasting tables from Excel
Creating charts
Pasting charts from Excel
5. Working with Shapes
Adding shapes
Moving, resizing, formatting, and rotating shapes
Adding text to shapes
Adding text boxes
Working with layers (Send to Back and Send to Front)
Animating text, shapes, and other objects
6. Adding Audio and Video
Adding an audio clip
Adding video
Cropping video
7. Adding SmartArt and Diagrams
Adding organizational charts
Adding cycle diagrams, Venn diagrams, and other diagrams
8. Sharing with Others
Printing a presentation
Adding speaker notes
Saving your presentation as a PDF
Presenting on another laptop (packaging)
Broadcasting on the web
Saving as a video
Using web apps through SharePoint
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