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Monday, March 21, 2011

Memory in a Month – 6 Tutorial AudioBooks + Guidebook

Ron White’s Memory in a Month A Unique Memory Skills Designed to Accelerate Your Goals Learn to : Give speeches without notes, Memorize chapters of books, Improve study skills and grades, Recall product knowledge, Retain information from classes or seminars, Recall names and faces, Memorize notes, Increase your efficiency by retaining more information, Recall phone numbers or product codes and so much more!

Ron White is the USA Memory Champion. There is no one in the country that has more credibility than him in regards to memory. He holds the record for most numbers memorized in 5 minutes (167 consecutive digits) and the fastest to memorize a deck of cards (1 minute 27 seconds). This program, Memory in a Month will guide you through his memory process and catapult your memory skills! You will learn to recall names, numbers, playing cards, foreign languages, chapters of books, poems, scripture, technical data, information from seminars and much more! In only 10 minutes a day for 30 consecutive days you can transform your mind from forgetful to unbelievable! Read more on next page.

You will learn how to use this system to train your mind to access and retrieve information just like your computer or file cabinets. This is the most powerful memory training program EVER CREATED! You will triple your memory and triple your grades, income and confidence! 30 DAYS – 10 Minutes a day to a POWERFUL memory!

Day 1 – History of memory training Day 2 – Basic Association definition and uses Day 3 – Chain of Association definition and uses Day 4 – Introduction to the Roman ‘Loci’ method Day 5 – Create mental file cabinets to store data Day 6 – Apply memory techniques to foreign languages Day 7 – Learn to use ‘Loci’ to recall information from books Day 8 – Retain abstract data such as math formulas Day 9 – Create 20 files to use for storing 20 random items Day 10 – Memorize a 20 line poem forwards and backwards Day 11 – Learn to give presentations without notes Day 12 – Learn to recall abstract data Day 13 – Practice giving speeches without notes Day 14 – More practice with learning foreign languages Day 15 – Introduction to advanced memory training Day 16 – Learn to hear a 20 digit number once and retain it Day 17 – More practice recalling numbers Day 18 – Learn to recall names and faces Day 19 – Learn to recall names and faces continued Day 20 – Learn to recall names and faces continued Day 21 – Learn to recall names and faces continued Day 22 – Learn to recall dates and appointments Day 23 – Use mental memory graph to remember maps or locations Day 24 – Fun Memory Games Day 25 – Use your files to recall 20 random words heard once Day 26 – Recall directions, more training on numbers and names Day 27 – Build and review your 65 mental files Day 28 – Create 26 new files to store data Day 29 – Memorize the preamble to the Constitution Day 30 – Summarize the memory system and prepare for the future with your new techniques!

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