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Sunday, November 16, 2008

DVD Releasers Toolz v1.0 AIO

The Ultimate All-In-One Collection of Tools for Release Groups and DVD Rippers. Step-by-step to turning your DVD Collection into AVI files to share with the world!

The Ultimate Releasing Applications for creating your own AVIs and packages for Scene or Indy Releases.
If you rip DVDs for a Scene Group, Solo or for the Indy Scene then this AIO is for you, or if you want to start sharing your DVDs around p2p, WRZ BBs, ir start your own release group, this is your tool.
DVD Releasers Toolz has everything you need to release your own DVD rips for download, from start to finish and with all the tutorials needed to use the programs

Programs Included:
* DVD Decryptor
* Fairuse Wizard
* Media Info
* AVI2DVD (Added Bonus for turning your AVI's into a DVD easily)
* Image Grabber 2 Portable
* NFO Builder 2000 Portable
Bonus Tools:
* HJSplit
* winRAR 3.70 Portable

Also Included is the step-by-step tutorials on how to use the programs to make High Quality DVD Rips.

Why Download This?
Even if you HAVE SOME OF THE PROGRAMS, this includes alot of things you don't have, and professional tutorials on how to go through the whole process from Ripping the DVD to Turning it into AVI and Packaging it correctly.
If you have the programs, simply do not install it again, and all the portables run directly off the AIO.
This has the best methods available for ripping DVDs and the Best Tutorials, why not have everything in 1? even if you have 1 or 2 or 3 of the apps, this will still benefit you with all the info that is included and other professional Scene used apps for Releasing.

Tutorials/Instructions & Step-by-Step's Included:
* [html] How to make a ISO image (DVD-R) with DVD Decrypter
* [html] How to Rip an ISO into your AVI using Fairuse
* [html] How to make your AVI into a DVD again with just the movie you ripped (an optional extra added for making your downloaded AVI's into a DVD easily)
* [html] How to make screenshots, a step-by-step guide with screenshots, best methods and instructions with Image Grabber 2
* [html] How to package your movie in rar files and also add a password with WinRAR Portable
* [TEXT] How to use winRAR to Split your final folder into small enough lots for private server or hosting service
* [TEXT] Best methods for making NFO's for your releases using NFO Builder 2000 Portable
* [EXTRAS - TEXT] How to proceed and get ahead with releasing, tips, tricks, scene notes and more...

DVD Releasers Toolz v1.0 is the first in a series of DVD Releasers Toolz AIO's, each with different tools for different preferences.
The apps in this AIO are of the best quality to make Scene Passable DVDRips, great for the begginer or the seasoned DVD Ripper. Everything you need is included to make your RapidShare points sky rocket, and to join the world of Releasers and share with the world!

FILES : 1X40mb

download link :

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